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How to Use the Family Search "Memories" mobile app

Memories mobile app, syncs with your family tree in Family Search. Whenever you upload a photo, and tag an individual in the photo, it will automatically attach ...

How to Use The Family Tree Mobile App - tutorial

A mobile app that syncs with family search. Now you can do family history on the go with your phone! This tutorial shows you how to use the app.

MacFamilyTree 8 - Using FamilySearch

How to Upload Pictures Using FamilySearch Memories App

FamilySearch Memories from allows you to capture, upload, tag, and store permanently priceless family photos. The app works by using the ...

Installing and Using Hope Chest in FamilySearch (Part I)

Developing Mobile Genealogy Apps with FamilySearch

FamilySearch is the largest source of genealogy data online. LockerGnome's Jake Ludington talks to Gordon Clarke of FamilySearch at OSCON about how ...

Gena & Jean Genealogy Journey App Review

It's time for Cheryl's APP OF THE WEEK! - July 7 - 13, 2013 - This week I found a great mobile app created with the Infinite Monkeys app maker, it's The -Gena ...

The Best Genealogy Software

JJ Lin was assigned by his family to create a family tree, but where does he begin and what tools do we recommend? Veronica's fav free tool is but ...

How to Upload Pictures Using Shoebox App

Shoebox from allows you to use your phone or tablets camera to “scan” high quality digital images of paper photographs. Once the pictures are ...

FamilySearch Hope Chest - How to Use

Learn how to use FamilySearch Hope Chest in the new landscape view. We look and both the standard and the plus versions.

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