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Really not impressed

Not able to edit, or delete to change info. Thinking about deleting my account

Its not free!

This is a bad app, continuously crashes and resets. Had to sign in five times and it still wouldnt work. Waste of time, dont bother with this app.


If this rating could go any lower, Id give it a negative pie times infinity to the power of two!!!!!

What happened

Opens but only in 1 view.

Cant Use The App

When it wants you to make a log in it asks you to verify "the letters in the picture" but there is no picture. So it wont allow you to even begin making a family tree.

Messed up tree

It wont allow me to fix my tree so it is a total mess and incorrect info for others to see.

Current update not working

I usually love this app, but the newest version wont let me expand my family tree. It will pop up for a second, and then go back to where I started. Its very frustrating and Im ready to delete it...

Search does not work at all

After thinking I was doing something wrong with search, I entered "John Smith". No results. So yeah, search not working at all.

Really nice but:

Please allow us to rotate photos once theyre put in.

Unable to log in

After asking for a lot of information to create my profile, I cannot log in. Tried everything, username is correct, tried to ask for my password recovery and the site says "error". Well, not worth your time...

Current version crashes

The current version has been crashing on me I am running iOS 9.1 on the iPhone 6. After about 2 to 3 actions the application freezes up

Serious issues

Data posted about an individual under "Other" or under the persons name just disappears without any ability to restore it because it doesnt show up in the "show changes" list. The description says you can change the sex of an individual; this is not true if a man is posted as a woman shown as married to a woman posted as a man, and you cant delete these individuals if multiple people have posted about them. If someone is posted as a child to parents who were in their 80s when that child was born, you cant delete the relationship if multiple people have posted about it. Almost no one posts sources for anything, let alone primary sources. Info Ive written and deleted can be read and restored by anyone, unless its in that category of data that just disappears for no reason.


The app randomly wont recognize an Internet connection and is constantly locking up.

It gets the job done

The app does what it says it does and it does it well. Bigots are the ones giving it low reviews.

Not useful

Shall we not go on?

This is a great cause.


Helps me turn my heart to my fathers.

Waste of time

The app doesnt help you find family. You have to put what you know in, and it never finds anything for you.


It crashes every minute when I go on it freezes then after 5 minutes crashed every time I have gone on it

Good search records,terrible performance,worse functions.

In terms of the information available, its much better because its free. Free! Pretty in depth as well. Well thats all the good out the way, now for bad. It performs terrible, every action you try is delayed by at least 10 seconds. When you try to add people from search records, it will duplicate people, even when sharing a name. Then the issue turn into merging duplicate people, I can not find how to do this in the app. If the app had more work out into it, it could be one of the best. As of now Ancestry is miles ahead in terms of functionality

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