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Editing and linking people is impossible. I had to add each of my parents twice, once as my parents and once as each other spouses


This update made it so the app wont even launch. Beware.

Finally offline access to my tree

So glad this app now has the ability to add people to my tree. Thanks! I also love the way it searches my tree for hints.

Not loading after new update

It doesnt load since the new update.

Family Search

Doesnt load since update. Disappeared from iPad screen and every time I try to reload it starts to install and then sticks. I really liked and used this site until this and would like to use it again if told what to do to fix the problem.i. Cant even sign in.

I Loved it Before the Update

I open the app, and it looks like it is going to load as usual, then it kicks me back to the home screen. When I check out the apps running in the background I can see my tree information, but it wont load when I tap on it. Please fix this? Thank you iPhone 6+.

Basic accuracy

I had to delete this app the first day because it couldnt handle my primary relationship accurately. Im married, but it insisted my spouse be my wife, not my husband, which would be accurate. I get that the LDS Church may have an issue with same-sex relationships, but genealogy is about accuracy, legal relationships, and events. If it doesnt allow the truth of my primary relationship, how can I trust it?

Not able to sign up

The sign up process asks you to type the letters from the picture. There wasnt a picture available. Im on an iPad. Really would like to sign up, but cant.

Doesnt work

I have verified my email 4x but I still cant login. Doesnt give me much confidence for the app

Many genealogical mistakes

This app is based on LDS records, which are compiled by people contributing what family info they have. Unfortunately, theres no accountability for accuracy and proving the the genealogical facts are true. And to make it worse, when errors are discovered, its very difficult to correct them in the app. I have researched my family lines for more than 25 years, combing libraries, courthouse records, cemeteries and the Internet to find documentation. In this app I found numerous mistakes as to names, dates, spouses, and children because the people who uploaded the data had the wrong information. The app now has one of my great-grandfathers mixed up with another man of the same name, so now that family history is a hodgepodge of partly true and mostly incorrect information. I could not find a way within the app to delete the wrong man and correct all the misinformation. Use this app at your own risk, but dont believe what you find without documented evidence.

So great!

What a great app thats easy to use and navigate, and the Family History classes/workshops Im going to help me navigate the website even better. I dont use the phone app a lot, cause I try to use the actual website on my computer, but the app makes it easy to do little things like add memories or photos. My entire family uses this website; we absolutely love it! And its not just because were LDS, but because its just so family-friendly, and people-friendly too in regards of navigating. (:

Cant open

I used to love the app version of this. It was easier to work than the online version but this currant version is horrible. I cannot get it to open at all anymore since I updated it. Its terribly disappointing.

Will not open

The last few updates claiming stability fixes have failed miserably. I havent been able to open the app for months. I keep hoping they get it fixed with each update but it hasnt changed yet.

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